You will find on this page the summary of the commitments of the Top Leaders program as well as the rules of the program in its entirety.

To prepare for your stay, don't forget to go to the "Accommodation" and "transport" tabs of your online space!

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Metz Events commitments

Metz Evénements will provide the Top Buyer upon arrival on Site with a Top Decision Maker badge allowing access to the Site for the duration of the Event as well as to cocktails and dinners.

Metz Evénements undertakes to reserve and bear the cost of the following elements as part of the visit of the Top Buyer:
- Return train journey after confirming the itinerary;
- Accommodation in a 4* hotel close to the Site;
- unches on Site and dinners organized within the framework of the Event.

In the event of a program modification at the initiative of the Top Buyerr within 15 days of the opening of the Event, the latter will bear the costs of modifying the reservations made by Metz Evénements. Depending on the date of enrollment in the Top Buyer, the availability of transportation and accommodation may be subject to availability.

The commitments of the Top Decision Maker

In return for their invitation to the Event, the Top Buyer undertake to:
- Be present on Site on December 13 and 14, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.;
- Participate in the inauguration cocktail which will take place on the evening of December 12, 2023 as well as the gala evening of December 13, 2023;
- Create a complete profile on the Platform;
- Actively engage in making appointments upstream on the Platform (25 appointments minimum of 20 minutes to be made over the two days)
- Register for a minimum of two conferences organized by Metz Evénements as part of the Event;

Honor all appointments made via the Platform prior to the Event
The Top Buyer may, if he wishes, cancel his participation free of charge up to 45 days before the first day of the Event. After this date, he will be required to pay €250 excl. VAT of cancellation fees to Metz Evénements upon receipt of the associated invoice. The absence of a Top Buyer at the Event without prior information will also be subject to an invoicing of €250 excluding VAT.
In general, the Top Buyer must show interest in the services offered by the exhibitors of the Event and undertake to do their best to work with these exhibitors.
The Top Buyer undertake to adopt correct dress and behavior with regard to all the stakeholders of the Event. They must also wear their Top Buyer badge.