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1. Legal notice

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2 - Cookie policy

This section provides you with information about the origin and use of Browsing Data collected and processed when you visit the Event Website and explains your rights. This Policy is important for you since it allows you to have a positive experience of our services, but also for us, in that it enables us to provide precise and complete answers to your questions concerning your use of our Event Website and to take your expectations into account. When you visit the Event Website, Browsing data from your Device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) can be recorded in "Cookie" files stored on your Device, depending on your Cookie settings, which you can change at any time.


1. The cookies issued by our website

Depending on the settings you have chosen, when you visit our Event Website, we may install Cookies on your Device to enable us to recognise your Device's browser for the duration of the Cookie's validity. The Cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your choices when the Cookie banner is displayed the first time you visit the Event Website or based on the browser settings you use when you visit our Event Website. Only the issuer of the Cookie may read or change the information contained in the Cookie concerned.
The Cookies we use allow us to:
  • compile statistics and      measure the traffic volume and use of the various sections of our Event      Website (headings and content visited, click-streams). This helps us to      improve the user-friendliness and value of our services;
  • customise the presentation      of our Event Website to the display settings of your Device (language,      screen resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our Event      Website, based on your device's hardware, display software and video      software;
  • store information      concerning a form that you have filled out on our Event Website      (registration or account access) or concerning products, services or      information you have chosen on our Event Website (service ordered, etc.)      and enable you to access restricted or private areas on our Event Website,      such as your account, based on the logins and data that you have provided      previously;
  • implement security      measures; for example, when you are asked to log in to a service or      content again after a certain period of time.

2. Cookies issued on our Event Website by third parties

The issue and use of Cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. We notify you about the purpose of the Cookies that are known to us and inform you about the means at your disposal for choosing whether to accept or reject Cookies.
We may include third-party software applications on our Event Website, which allow you to share the content of our Event Website with other people or to inform them about the pages you visited or your opinion about certain content on our Event Website. This is notably the case with the "Share" and "Like" buttons from social networks such as "Facebook", "Twitter", "LinkedIn ","Viadeo", etc.
The social networks that provide these button applications may use the button to identify you, even if you have not actually used the button during your visit to our website. Indeed, this type of button application may allow the social network concerned to track your Browsing on our Event Website if your social network account was activated on your Device (open session) when you browsed our Event Website.
We have no control over the processes used by social networks to collect data about your visits to our Event Website, or over any related Personal Data they may have. We invite you to read the social networks' Privacy policies in order to understand what the browsing data they collect via application buttons may be used for, particularly as regards advertising. The social networks' Privacy policies must allow you to exercise your personal choices, notably through your account settings for each network.


You can manage Cookies in several ways. The settings you choose may change your internet browsing possibilities and your access to certain services that require the use of Cookies.
At any moment, you may express or change your settings as regards Cookies in the ways described below.
1. Choices provided by the Cookie banner
When you first access the Event Website and periodically thereafter, you can express your choices according to the options displayed (accept all Cookies, reject all Cookies, customise).
2. Choices provided by your browser software
You can configure your browser to store Cookies on your Device or to refuse them, either systematically or depending on the issuer. You can also configure your browser software so that you can choose whether cookies are either accepted or refused every time a website tries to store a cookie on your device.
  • Accepting Cookies. The      storage of Cookies on a Device essentially depends on the user's choice.      Users can express or modify their choice of settings at any moment and      free of charge using the settings provided by the browser software. If you      configure your browser software to accept cookies on your Device, the      Cookies incorporated in the pages and content that you have consulted can      be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your Device. They can only      be read by the issuer.
  • Refusing Cookies. If you      refuse to store a Cookie on your Device, or if you delete the ones that      are installed, a number of functions that are necessary for browsing      certain areas of our website will no longer be available, for example      access to services or content that require your login. This is also the      case if, for technical accounting purposes, we - or our service providers      - cannot recognise the type of browser used by your Device, its language      and display settings or the country from which your Device connects to the      internet. In this case, we decline any responsibility for any potential      deterioration in the operation of our services due to the fact that we      were unable to store or consult the Cookies required for their proper      operation since you refused or deleted them.
  • How to choose your      settings, according to the browser you use. Each browser has a different      configuration for managing Cookies and settings. This is described in the      Help menu of your browser. It explains how you can change your Cookie      settings.
        For SafariTM: 
        For ChromeTM: 
        For FirefoxTM: 
        For OperaTM:

3.    "Flash" cookies from "Adobe Flash Player™"

"Adobe Flash Player™" is an application that enables the rapid display of dynamic content using the "Flash" computer language. Flash (and similar applications) stores settings, preferences and content usage using a technology similar to Cookies. However, "Adobe Flash Player™" manages this information and your choices via a different interface from that provided by your browser.
If your Device is used to display content developed with Flash technology, we would ask you to consult your Flash Cookie management tools directly on the Adobe website at

4.    Your choices expressed online through inter-professional platforms

You can go to the website, proposed by digital advertising professionals grouped together in the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance), which is managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.
Here, you will find a list of the companies which are registered on this platform and which offer you the option of refusing or accepting the cookies they use to customise the advertisements that may be displayed on your Device to your Browsing Data: 
This European platform is shared by hundreds of advertising professionals on the internet and forms a centralised interface allowing you to refuse or accept Cookies that may be used to customise the display of advertisements to your Device's Browsing Data. Please note that this procedure will not prevent advertisements from being displayed on the internet sites that you visit. It will only block the technologies that allow advertisements to be adapted to your centres of interest.


If your Device is used by several people and the same Device has several browsers available, we cannot guarantee that the advertising and services aimed at your device will correspond exactly to your own use of the Device rather than that of another user.
Sharing a Device with other users and the configuration of your browser's Cookie settings is your own choice and your own responsibility.


"Cookie(s)": a file that can be stored (subject to your choices) in a dedicated area on your Device's hard-drive, when you visit an online service using your browser. A Cookie file enables the issuer to identify the Device on which it is stored, for the duration of the Cookie's validity or storage period.

"Browsing Data": information concerning a Device's connection to an electronic communication service at any given moment. We may process Browsing Data according to the conditions described in this document, even if we do not necessarily know which Device you are using, or who you are, at any given time. The browsing data notably concerns:
  • the IP (Internet Protocol)      address of the Device connected to the internet;
  • the date and time of a      Device's connection to an electronic communication service;
  • the internet address (URL)      of the referrer web-page of the Device accessing an electronic      communication service;
  • the type of operating      system used by the Device (Windows, MacOs, Linux, Unix, BeOS. etc.);
  • the type and version of      the browser software used by the Device (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera,      etc.);
  • the user language of the      browser software used by the Device, the login and the content of a Cookie      file stored by us on the Device.

"Personal Data": information relating solely to you, at a given moment, independently of the Device you use.

"Device": the hardware (computer, tablet, smartphone, telephone, etc.) that you use to visit or view a website, an application, advertising content, etc.

3 - Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to the use of the  website (hereinafter referred to as the "Event Website") and, on a more general level, to participation in The MIX event organised by Metz Evénements on 13 and 14 December 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the "Event") at the Metz - Robert Schuman Congress Centre.

Metz Evénements is committed to protecting your personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Data") and undertakes to collect and process your Data in accordance with the amended French Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR).


"We", "Us" and "Our" are understood to mean or refer to the Data Controller (for more details, please refer to the section - Who is the Data Controller?)


The company responsible for processing data is Metz Evénements.


We may collect Data from you directly, or automatically through our websites or mobile applications, or indirectly.


You may be asked to directly provide us with your Data when:
  • We have established a      contractual or pre-contractual relationship with you (e.g. you have      registered on our Event Website as a Visitor, Exhibitor or Top Buyer,      etc.);
  • You ask to be contacted by      one of our departments;
  • You subscribe to our      newsletter(s);
  • You request one of our      catalogues;
  • You take part in one of      our surveys;
  • You fill in a form in      order to download a document.
In this context, the following types of Data may be collected:
  • Data relating to your      identification (last name, first name, civil status, date of birth,      address, profile photo)
  • Contact Data (postal      address, email address, telephone number, etc.)
  • Data relating to your      personal/professional life (job title, company and number of staff,      sectors of activity, areas of interests in the context of the Event, links      to your social network accounts or those of your organisation, languages      spoken, photos of your products or services in which you or other people      appear)
  • Economic and financial      data (means of payment, bank details, contact details of your departments)


We automatically collect some of your Data when you browse the Event Website.
In this case, we collect certain data relating to your login and browsing (IP address, date and time of login, pages visited, operating system, type of browser you use, the link via which you arrived on our websites, etc.).
These data are collected by cookies placed on our websites. For more details, please refer to our cookie policy.


Finally, we may collect your Data through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). This is notably the case when you provide us with links to your accounts on social networks (and these are accessible to the general public) or when you use the social networks via our Event Website, by clicking on the icons dedicated to social networks, for example.
If you do not want your Data to be collected via social networks, you should refer to the privacy/personal Data/cookie policies of the social networks in question.
We may also collect your Data through partners or other trusted third parties.
We take care to ensure that these partners or trusted third parties only provide us with the Data that you agree to share with us for marketing purposes.
The types of Data that we may collect in this context are:
  • Data relating to your      identification (last name, first name, civil status, date of birth, etc.)
  • Contact Data (postal      address, email address, telephone number, etc.)
  • Data relating to your      personal/professional life (interests, preferences, position, company,      sector of activity, etc.)


Your Data are processed or may be processed for the following purposes:
1. Managing and monitoring the contractual or pre-contractual relationship
  • Negotiations
  • Processing registration      requests
  • Processing orders
  • Fulfilling contracts, and      notably for the purposes of organising appointments with other      professionals present at the Event using the Event Website's      "matchmaking" algorithm
  • Invoicing
  • Managing unpaid bills and      disputes
2. Operating, developing and managing customer/prospect databases
  • Sending newsletters
  • Sales prospecting
  • Processing your requests      to exercise your rights
  • Managing contact requests
  • Organising business      appointments
3. Improving our services and customising our services to your profile
  • Producing statistics
  • Conducting satisfaction      surveys
  • Managing subscriptions to      newsletters / e-newsletters
4. Ensuing compliance with legal obligations


We only process your Data if the processing operation(s) can be justified according to one of the following four (4) legal grounds:
  1. The processing is required      for the fulfilment of a contract or the execution of contractual measures      taken at your request. This is notably the case when the purpose of the      Data processing operation is to manage the order(s) you have placed with      us (e.g.: sending a name-specific badge, creating a profile on the Event      Website and using the "matchmaking" tool).
  2. The processing is required      to comply with a legal obligation.
  3. The processing constitutes      a legitimate interest for us.
In cases where we have a legitimate interest in processing your Data, we take care to avoid any conflict with your interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms.
Furthermore, we ensure you have the right to object to the processing of your Data, at the time they are collected and subsequently, if you can demonstrate legitimate grounds, when the purposes of that processing are related to commercial prospecting.
If you are a private individual, we have a legitimate interest in processing your Data if:
  • You are one of our      customers and we would like to send you information and marketing      campaigns about products or services that are similar to the one(s) you      have already purchased from us.
        Legitimate interest: exploitation and development of our sales database.
  • You are one of our      customers or prospects (for example, you are subscribed to one of our      newsletters) and we wish to carry out internal analyses.
        Legitimate interest: exploitation and development of our sales database.
  • You ask us to contact you;
        Legitimate interest: managing requests from our customers/prospects.
If you are a professional, we have a legitimate interest in processing your Data if:
  • You are one of our      customers or prospects and we would like to send you information and      marketing campaigns about products or services and/or we wish to carry out      internal analyses.
        Legitimate interest: exploitation and development of our sales database.
  • You ask us to contact you.
        Legitimate interest: managing requests from our customers/prospects.
4. You have consented to the processing of your Data.
If you are a private individual, this is the case when:
  • You are one of our      customers and we would like to send you information and marketing      campaigns about products and services that are not similar to the one(s)      you have already purchased from us.
  • You are one of our      prospects and we would like to send you information and marketing      campaigns about our products and services.
  • You are one of our      customers or prospects and we would like to send you news and information      about our partners.
  • We wish to transfer your      Data to partners or trusted third parties.
If you are a professional, this is the case when we wish to transfer your Data to partners or trusted third parties.


All the Data that you are required to provide us with are marked with asterisks in our forms or identified as mandatory/required.
If you choose not to provide us with the above-mentioned Data, we will be unable to provide you with the service you request (registration on the Event Website, processing of a contact request, etc.).


The recipients of your Data are the relevant departments of Metz Evénements.
Our partner Eventmaker may also receive your data, if you have agreed to this.
For the purposes of the Event, Exhibitors can provide a badge scanning service on their stands, which enables Visitors and Top Buyers to transmit their details directly to the exhibitor and thus save time. In using this service (provided by Metz Evénements), Visitors/Top Buyers are hereby informed and deemed to expressly accept that part of their Data (company name, last name, first name, postal address, email, landline and mobile telephone numbers) will be transferred to the Exhibitor that has used the service, in spite of the fact that the Visitor/Top Buyer concerned may have refused to allow their Data be transmitted to partners at the time of their registration or pre-registration.
We may also use trusted third parties, such as service providers (Eventmaker, email marketing service provider, billing software), who may thus receive your Data, when necessary, to achieve the purposes described above.
Finally, we may also share your Data with the subsidiaries of the GL events Group, if this is needed for the fulfilment of a contract or service you have requested from Metz Evénements.
Some of these trusted third parties and certain subsidiaries of the GL events Group may be located outside the European Union. Where necessary, appropriate safeguards have been put in place, in particular through the inclusion of the standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission.


We store your Data:
  • For the time needed to      perform the operations for which they were collected, in accordance with      the legislation and regulations in force;
  • In the case of sales      prospecting, for a maximum of five years from the last effective contact      with the prospect, unless exceptions are justified by a particular      context;
  • For the time required to      fulfil our legal obligations. For example:
  1. Contracts or agreements      concluded as part of a business relationship are kept for the duration of      that business relationship and for a period of 5 years following the end of      the business relationship;
  2. Contracts concluded by      electronic means are kept for a period of 10 years as of the delivery or      fulfilment of the service;
  3. Bank documents are kept      throughout the business relationship and for a period of 5 years following      the end of the business relationship;
  4. Etc.


You have the right to access, delete and rectify your Data and limit the processing operations performed on your Data, as well as the right to Data portability and the right to define general and specific directives setting out the way in which you wish your rights to be exercised, after your death.
You are expressly informed that you also have the right to object to the processing of your Data for legitimate reasons, and the right to object to the use of that Data for commercial prospecting purposes.
To exercise your rights, please send an email to:
You may also file a claim with the CNIL (French Data-protection Commission).


We ensure the security of your Data by implementing reinforced Data protection through the use of hardware and software security measures.

4 - General terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU)


When the terms below are capitalised, reference is made to the following definitions.
  • Administrator: person, department or      company responsible for the administration and operation of the Event Website,      as well as for the implementation of the resources required for its      operation, acting on the instructions of Metz Evénements.
  • Content: all information, elements      and/or media, in any format whatsoever, that are intended to be published      on the Event Website.
  • Operation: maintaining the Event      Website in operational condition.
  • Incident: an unplanned      interruption or deterioration in the quality of an IT service provided      online on the Event Website.
  • Parties: refers to both the Users      of the Event Website and Metz Evénements.
  • Event: refers to the "The      MIX" event organised by Metz Evénements.
  • Services: all the online services      provided to Users by Metz Evénements via the Event Website.
  • Event Website: a set of structured documents, called "web      pages", composed of content of various types and formats (text,      image, sound, video, etc.), managed by software and stored on a server      connected to the Internet network. The Event Website constitutes the      technical platform of the URL address
  • User: any natural person who      legitimately consults the Event Website; this may be a Visitor, an      Exhibitor or a Top Buyer.


These "General Terms and Conditions of Use" (hereinafter also referred to as "GTCU") aim to define the conditions under which Users may use the Services provided by Metz Evénements via the Event Website.


These GTCU apply to all Users of the Event Website.


These GTCU may be modified by Metz Evénements whenever it deems necessary. Users expressly accept this fact in advance. Metz Evénements shall make any new versions of the General Terms and Conditions of Use available on the Event Website.


  • Means of proof
        With regard to their relations, the Parties shall correspond by electronic      mail (email), except in special cases that require the sending of a      registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Any email transmission      between the Parties shall constitute an acceptable means of proof for      establishing all facts, acts and actions of each Party.
  • Limitation of liability
        No limitation of liability or guarantee is granted to Users for any breach      of their obligations in relation to these General Terms and Conditions of      Use.

        Consequently, Users shall be liable for any direct, indirect,      consequential, special, incidental, physical and/or moral, material and/or      immaterial damage that they may cause to the other Parties or third      parties by accessing the Event Website or through the use of the Event      Website’s Services.

        Metz Evénements shall do its utmost to ensure the accuracy of the      information published on the Event Website. However, it is up to the Users      to verify the information published, Metz Evénements makes no guarantees      in this respect. Metz Evénements cannot be held liable for any inaccurate      or incomplete information contained on the Event Website.
  • Non-waiver clause
        The fact that Metz Evénements does not demand the application of a clause      contained in these GTCU, or tacitly accepts the fact that a clause has not      been adhered to, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, cannot be      interpreted as meaning Metz Evénements waives its rights in relation to      that clause or cannot demand its application at a later date.
  • Non-compliance with these      GTCU
        Any use of the Event Website and its features that is contrary to their intended      purpose is strictly forbidden and constitutes a breach of these GTCU. Any      failure to comply with these GTCU may result in the User’s account being      suspended on a temporary or permanent basis, at the discretion of Metz      Evénements.


Metz Evénements is the exclusive holder or holds all the intellectual property rights for the Event Website, and notably the rights concerning the use, display, exploitation, reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation of any item that makes up the Event Website, including graphic charts, titles, forms, maps of the Event Website, texts, articles, analyses and written information, documentation, photographs, images, videos or any other information and/or downloadable content, as well as trademarks and logos placed online by Metz Evénements.
The Event Website and its Content are protected by the French law governing copyrights and associated rights (Articles L.122-4 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code), which prohibit any total or partial reproduction of these various constituent elements, without the prior consent of Metz Evénements. Consequently, Users undertake to respect all the copyrights and trademark rights, as well as the rights of the database producer. Moreover, Users acknowledge that the databases developed by Metz Evénements are the latter’s exclusive property. The same provisions shall apply to Users in respect to any content posted on the Event Website by other Users.
Metz Evénements only grants Users the right to use the content published on the Event Website for private, non-collective and non-exclusive purposes, and authorises Users to consult the Event Website on a digital device that enables them to display the pages consulted via the User's web browser.
However, each User remains the sole owner of the content (texts, photos, etc.) that he/she puts online and grants Metz Evénements a licence to use, display, exploit, reproduce, represent, adapt and translate this content for the purposes of publishing it online and using it on the Event Website. This licence is granted on a non-exclusive basis and includes the right to sub-licence to Metz Evénements' service providers (in particular Eventmaker, the publisher of the solution on which the Event Website is based), whenever necessary for the operation of the Event Website.
Users do not have the right to transfer or assign the information obtained from the Event Website and are not allowed to create any derivative works from the Content on the Event Website or from other Users' content.
The Event Website and its components constitute a body of work protected under intellectual property law. Any representation, reproduction, modification, transmission, translation or, generally, any exploitation of the Event Website and its technical or graphic components, are strictly forbidden without the prior authorisation of Metz Evénements.
Only the content accessible in the "Press Area" section is freely available to accredited journalists, provided that this use does not infringe upon the rights of Metz Evénements.
The provision of the Services does not imply any transfer or concession of any intellectual property rights. Users only have the right to use the online Services provided by Metz Evénements via the Event Website according to the provisions of these GTCU and, if relevant, the provisions set out in a contract that the User may have with Metz Evénements.
Non-compliance with this clause shall be considered an act of copyright infringement and may result in civil and/or criminal proceedings in accordance with the law.
The use of hypertext links that redirect to the Event Website is also subject to specific, prior authorisation from Metz Evénements. Users can obtain such an authorisation by sending an email request to the webmaster.


Users undertake to provide accurate information when they register on the Event Website and when completing any online formalities, since this information is used to ensure the Event Website can function properly and that the Services can be fulfilled correctly. Users shall not create a false identity that could mislead the Administrator or any third parties.
Metz Evénements provides or may provide the following services to Users via the Event Website:
  • Consultation of various      types of content and information;
  • Use of forms for the      purposes of registration and entering into contact with Metz Evénements;
  • Use of transactional      functionalities: ordering badges for the Event; in the case of Exhibitors:      purchasing products and services for the purposes of the Event. The use of      these functionalities involves the application of specific terms and      conditions that the Users must accept in order to validate their requests;
  • "Matchmaking"      service: suggestions of contacts/meetings between Users made by the Event      Website (via an algorithm) based on matching interests.


In order to properly use the Event Website and its features, all Users must have software that is regularly updated by the publishers.
The Event Website uses responsive pages that can therefore adapt to all screen resolutions, but a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels is recommended.
The Administrator does not guarantee that the information posted on the Event Website can be transferred, stored or printed via the User's computer system or computer.
The Administrator undertakes to implement proven technical solutions that are capable of fulfilling the Event Website’s expected functionalities. However, Metz Evénements shall not be bound by an obligation of results towards Users in this respect, notably as regards the security and availability of the information placed on line, due to the risks linked to the use and exploitation of open networks, such as the Internet network.
In order to meet Users’ needs or to improve the operation of the Event Website, Metz Evénements may update its functionalities. The Administrator may decide to interrupt the operation of the Event Website temporarily for maintenance or security purposes. The fact that the Event Website’s operation may be interrupted or slow cannot give rise to any claims whatsoever, nor any compensation, notably in the event of a loss of connection, data or information of any kind whatsoever.
The use of the Event Website by Users may result in "cookies” being deposited on their devices. These "cookies" are used to improve the User experience and to collect anonymous statistics. Users may refuse the registration of these "cookies" on their device/computer by choosing the appropriate option on the "cookie banner" that appears when connecting to the Event Website, or according to the options available on their browser.


All Users undertake to use the Event Website and its functionalities without seeking to bypass the technical security and protection measures. They shall not to disrupt or paralyse the Event Website’s operation.
Any User who is found responsible of infecting all or part of the Event Website with viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs or any other disruptive technical means, shall take full responsibility for all the consequences, notably financial, with regard to Metz Evénements or any third-party victim.
If any User makes fraudulent or unlawful use of the Event Website, then he/she shall compensate the Administrator and Metz Evénements for any damage suffered as a result.
Metz Evénements may decide to block the publication of or delete any Content placed online that:
- does not comply with the provisions and regulations of French law, international treaties, moral decency;
- may prevent the proper operation of the Event Website;
- goes against the legitimate interests of other Users or third parties;
- may damage the image, reputation and interests of Metz Evénements, its shareholders, its subsidiaries, its partners and customers.
Metz Evénements cannot be held responsible nor be liable for any compensation whatsoever in this case.


Any claim concerning the operation of the Event Website, its contents or any other questions must be sent by email or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Metz Evénements. Claims shall not be processed and answered if the claimant does not provide his/her full name and contact details.


Metz Evénements shall not be liable for any compensation in the event of any direct or indirect commercial or financial prejudice (loss of turnover, loss of profit, loss of opportunity) or damage to reputation.


In accordance with the principle of business confidentiality, the Parties shall exercise the utmost discretion regarding all information relating to the organisation of the online Services, the content of the Event Website and their online relationships.


Any dispute linked to the interpretation and/or the performance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use should, insofar as possible, be settled by amicable negotiation between the Parties, which Metz Evénements shall seek to facilitate.
If no amicable solution is found after a calendar period of 30 days, the Parties shall be entitled to refer the matter to the competent courts.
By mutual agreement between the Parties, this provision shall not preclude the commencement of any emergency proceedings, whether by application before the courts or in summary proceedings.
If a dispute cannot be resolved through an amicable settlement, then the Courts of Lyon shall have express jurisdiction concerning any claims, notwithstanding third-party proceedings or multiple defendants, even for emergency proceedings, protective procedures, summary proceedings or a court petition, as well as for any requests based on the provisions of Article L.442-6 of the French Commercial Code.
The Website’s General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by French law, regardless of the User’s nationality.
French shall be the reference language for reading, understanding and interpreting these GTCU.