Memento, partner of The MIX, the 4 Frontiers MICE Trade Show

Memento Photo: when AI reinvents event photography!

Memento Photo is an AI-powered photo management platform that reinvents event photography.

Memento analyzes all photos taken by photographers during an event in real time, automatically categorizes them, then distributes them to the right people using facial and logo recognition.

Participants, exhibitors, speakers and even sponsors instantly receive photos that concern them. Recipients can be pre-registered in the platform by the organizer or register independently by simply scanning a QR Code (nothing to install).

No more photos that arrive several days after the event and remain (almost) unused in the archives. Memento aims to increase the impact and ROI of each shot tenfold.

The advantages of Memento:
  • Boost participant experience and engagement through live and individualized distribution of photos.
  • Strengthen privacy protection with total control over photo distribution.
  • Expand the reach of the event through organic sharing on social media.
  • Save valuable time through automation.
  • Increase the visibility of event partners by associating them with a highly engaging experience.
  • Allow you to create fully customizable zero-print/zero-waste photo animations.
  • Concretely measure the impact and ROI of visual content

Memento adapts to all types of events, from conferences to trade shows.

Thousands of organizers in France and internationally are already using Memento's artificial intelligence to maximize the visual potential of their events, improve the attendee experience and achieve their event goals through photography.